How to avoid giving generic gifts


Giving gifts is often seen as a way of showing care and appreciation towards the person receiving it. However, when we give generic gifts, it tends to show quite the opposite. A generic gift is one that lacks thoughtfulness and personalization. It often feels like the giver hasn’t put much effort into the gift, and thus, it fails to create a meaningful connection with the receiver. Here are some tips on how to avoid giving generic gifts and add a personal touch to your gifts.

1. Start by getting to know the person

Before buying a gift for someone, take some time to get to know the person. Figure out what type of things they like, their hobbies, and interests. This will make it easier for you to select a gift that they will appreciate. Personalizing your gift will show that you care about the person enough to put in the necessary effort.

2. Pay attention to subtleties

When people talk about things they like or need, pay attention. Sometimes, the best gifts come from someone mentioning something they need or want in passing. These small details can help you select a gift that is unique, personal and tailored to the person’s desires.

3. Consider experiences instead of things

Consider gifting experiences instead of material objects. Experiences can range from anything from concert tickets to dinner at a fancy restaurant, and it gives the recipient a memory that will stay with them forever. Furthermore, it allows you to share an experience with them, which is often way more personal than any material thing.

4. Make DIY gifts

Making DIY gifts is a great way to avoid giving generic gifts. These types of gifts are often unique, personal and extremely thoughtful. You can make homemade candles, soaps, or even create a photo collage that captures memories the person may cherish. This effort shows the receiver that you care, and you’re willing to put in the time and effort to create something special for them.

5. Pay attention to the packaging

When it comes to gift-giving, the packaging plays a significant role. Personalizing the packaging can make even the most generic gift feel special. Try wrapping the gift in the person’s favourite colour or add a personalised message to the tag attached to the gift. These small details show that you care about the person enough to put a lot of thought into the gift.

In conclusion, it’s better to put in extra effort when choosing, wrapping and giving gifts. Personalizing your gifts can make them more meaningful, thoughtful, and memorable. By following these tips, you can avoid giving generic gifts and instead offer a thoughtful and personal touch to the gifts you give. Remember, it’s often the thought that counts, and gifting personal, unique, and thoughtful gifts is a great way to show you care.

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